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The pictures shown in the postings of this blog represent a portion of our buys for the upcoming season.  The pictures do not show everything that will be in store for next season.  Additionally, there may be some special order items that are exclusive to online sales and may not be seen in store. 

Items shown for next season are Available for Pre-Ordering to help guarantee availability upon its delivery.  An item that is Pre-Ordered by you will be reserved for you, and then delivered to you (delivery fees may be extra, and appropriate taxes may apply).  Only upon written confirmation does a Pre-Order guarantee that it will be available (based on the manufacturer's ability to produce such item).   In some cases, a special order may be placed as well.

How do I Pre-Order?
Contact our e-commerce director either by EMAIL (, or by Phone at (310) 659-0058.  
- Payments can be made either through Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or through Paypal -

         -   Pre-ordering an item requires a 40% deposit of the item's retail price.  Please note that quoted retail prices 
             when pre-ordering are approximate, and are based on the current currency conversion rate.  The deposit is 40% of 
             the respective projected retail price, the remainder of which is to be paid within 14 days of the item's delivery to 
             H.Lorenzo.  Currency exchange rates, as well as some duties, may change when nearing the delivery date.  If the total 
             retail price increases by 10% or more when it arrives (due to currency fluctuations), then client is entitled to a full 
             refund of their initial deposit.  
         -   This deposit is exchangeable in full for store credit.  Store credit is valid for 1 year, and it is valid for all purchases 
             either through H.Lorenzo online or at the physical locations of H.Lorenzo.
         -   Once you place a Pre-Order, H.Lorenzo will reserve the item you choose, so that when it is delivered to H.Lorenzo it   
             will be made available for you to pickup upon completion of the full price.
         -   A Pre-Ordered item, once arrived at H.Lorenzo, will be held for pickup for a maximum of 14 days to date from the 
             first day of delivery to H.Lorenzo.  H.Lorenzo reserves the right to sell the item to other customers if the item is not 
             paid for in full by the end of the 14 days, in such a case the pre-order client's deposit is converted into store credit for 
             an equal amount. 

What About Production Difficulties?
         -   H.Lorenzo reserves the right to change Pre-Orders based on changes in availability or production or ordering 
             circumstances.  In such a case, the Pre-Order customer will either be refunded their 40% deposit or be given store 
             credit of the exact amount equal to the Pre-Order deposit.
         -   H.Lorenzo reserves the right to stipulate or change Pre-Order terms according to manufacturing deadlines.

What if I Change My Mind?  

         -   The 40% deposit of the item's retail price will be exchanged for store credit.

Further questions?   EMAIL (, or Call at (310) 659-0058.  


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